Student Voices

“I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved this class —it actually inspired me to look into History as a major (I am undecided currently), which I have never considered before! The class material was extremely fascinating, and you did an excellent job both engaging with us during lectures and keeping us engaged with the content. You are such a sweet and kind person; I could really tell how much you cared about us and the class itself, so I was thankful to be around that energy for the past few months. So thank you for such a great semester! Please let me know if you are teaching any other History classes next semester or next year so that I can be on the lookout for them.” – 2020

“This is one of the best courses I have taken in the history department at William & Mary…Professor Macdonald did an excellent job including diverse perspectives in the course material. In particular, I appreciate the way she approaches teaching about Indigenous and First Nations communities. The lecture on First Nations people as agents of consumption and trade negotiation in Canada was particularly excellent. It completely reframed my understanding of Indigenous participation in the world of Anglo–American trade. The same goes for the lecture about West African consumers. In general, Professor Macdonald does an excellent job explaining the perspectives and agency of BIPOC communities throughout history, which I think is one of the greatest strengths of this course.” – 2020

“Professor Macdonald made the class entertaining and informative and had obvious passion for every topic we discussed. The assignments were all engaging and thought–provoking, and all the readings she assigned were page–turners. Sometimes after class, I’d go back to my dorm and relay all the things I’d learned that day to my roommate! This course offered a new perspective on the social and cultural aspects of consumption throughout history, and I’m very glad I got to be a part of a class so stimulating my first semester of college!” – 2020

“I’m in one of Professor Macdonald’s classes this semester and it has been a masterclass in adaptability, organization, and compassion. I have learned so much in her class, in part because of her excellent organization of the syllabus and her approach to lectures and class discussions. She’s been very adaptable with regards to teaching during a pandemic and respectful of her students’ time and mental health. Her competence and compassion during this semester are inspiring :)” – 2020